Derema Group is pleased to announce that Cofair Products has appointed Derema as their national sales representatives.

Cofair Products, based in Morton Grove, IL, has been a leader in self-adhesive weatherproofing for over 25 years. Cofair’s decades of experience in the construction, home-repair, RV, and DIY industries have allowed them to develop an expansive line of products that utilize a variety of adhesives and facing materials, ensuring that they’re able to offer the right product for every repair.

“It is always our goal to represent the best products and work with the best people in the industry,” says Derema Group President Kurt Forsman, “Partnering with Cofair Products enables us to utilize our full team to place these unique products in the RV, Marine and Outdoor marketplaces. We are thrilled to be aligned with them.”



Brandon Small

RBM Canada East

Brewster, MA

Gilmari Palacio

Sales Specialist

Pembroke Pines,Fl

Brad Becker

Sales Specialist

Yardley, PA

Devon Robinson

Sales Specialist

Three Rivers, MI

Jason Mendes

Sales Specialist

Carlsbad, CA

Bo Blaylock

Dealer Specialist

Tampa, FL

Bryce Keller

Sales Specialist

Ft Lauderdale, FL

Scott Wirkler

Sales Specialist

Kennedale, TX