As the pandemic worsened in 2020, and dealer shows were cancelled in the fall, Derema Group went forward with their virtual show plans. Featuring a live broadcast and virtual walk-through booths, the event was a resounding success and earned the company Soundings Trade Only “Most Innovative Company” Award.

For 2021, Derema is doubling down on the success of last year’s event and will host the event again this September. This year, the company will be bringing its entire sales team to Philadelphia as they participate in training from the vendors that will be in attendance, while at the same time assisting in building content for Derema’s Learning Management system called Best Brand Rewards.

Vendors will be planning their content, and filming product and booth videos. Dealers and distributors will get a concise advance look at new product for 2022 and any changes.

Please stay tuned for the upcoming announcement of our live streaming event SHOWUP2021 LIVE!

For more information contact Joe Carney


Brandon Small

RBM Canada East

Brewster, MA

Gilmari Palacio

Sales Specialist

Pembroke Pines,Fl

Brad Becker

Sales Specialist

Yardley, PA

Devon Robinson

Sales Specialist

Three Rivers, MI

Jason Mendes

Sales Specialist

Carlsbad, CA

Bo Blaylock

Dealer Specialist

Tampa, FL

Bryce Keller

Sales Specialist

Ft Lauderdale, FL

Scott Wirkler

Sales Specialist

Kennedale, TX