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Derema is excited to invite you to participate in SHOWUP2024. This is the 5th annual edition of an event that was originally held during the pandemic to build video content for the upcoming dealer shows.

We now offer a 4-day event that accomplishes the following:

  • Pre-Season Show Booth Planning and Building 
  • National Sales Training with the complete Derema staff
  • Opportunity to meet with top distributor and dealer personnel

Vendors will have products on display to show key product categories and new 2024 featured products

For 2024 we will utilize Derema’s “Book A Meeting” resource. We will have a schedule of Customer appointments, Derema sales training, and video production times.

Vendors will be encouraged to reach out to the dealer and distributor personnel that are committed to attend on the Customer Expo Day, which will be held Wednesday August 21st.

 As the event approaches we will reach out to you with that list so that you can proactively contact those customers and schedule the meeting.

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RSVP – Deadline is 6/1/24

We will need to know the Vendor Personnel who will be coming from your organization. As in previous years, we will start working now on the video content scripts and booth plans together.

Derema personnel will begin setup on Sunday 8/18 and will continue Monday morning. It would be a good idea for you to arrive on Monday 8/19 to put finishing touches on your display and begin video content filming.

We will be inviting the Customer Executives to arrive Tuesday afternoon for the Wednesday Customer Day. All vendors should plan to be present on Wednesday 8/23. Video and training will begin on Monday afternoon after all booths are finalized. We will coordinate your individual training and video presentation to minimize your hotel overnights.

The event will end at 5:00 PM on Thursday 8/22.

Overnight accommodation of customers, event space, food, and video content production are designed to be an equally shared expense between Derema and the participating vendors. This year’s fee for each vendor is $3,000.

On the form to the left we need your preferred date for training and video. If you can be flexible, please mark all 3 dates, and we will pick the days that work best for each vendor so that you don’t have to spend the entire week in Philadelphia.

Vendors that present training and video content on Monday/Tuesday can plan to depart Wednesday evening or Thursday morning.

Vendors that present on Thursday can plan to arrive on Tuesday and leave Thursday evening or Friday morning.

Once we have identified all vendors attending, we will notify you of the presentation dates so you can make your hotel and airline reservation.

Why attend SHOWUP?

Watch the video and see what past attendees have to say….

What is SHOWUP?

Learn more about SHOWUP and Derema in the this edition of Soundings Trade Only

For more information contact your Derema associate

Aaron Bronson

Dealer Specialist

Tacoma, WA

Galadriel Gaines

Dealer Specialist

Bellingham, WA

Dan Tholen

Sales Specialist

Forked River, NJ

Chris Gilbert

Sales Specialist

Huntington Beach, CA

Nick Gomez

Sales Specialist


Brad Becker

Sales Specialist

Yardley, PA

Devon Robinson

Sales Specialist

Three Rivers, MI

Jake Ritterpusch

Sales Specialist


Bo Blaylock

Dealer Specialist

Tampa, FL

Bryce Keller

Sales Specialist

Ft Lauderdale, FL

Scott Wirkler

Sales Specialist

Kennedale, TX