Improve your customer experience – online and in-store

Derema Virtual Stores can help simplify store management and create a consistent shopping experience both online and in-store for customers. We start by capturing a digital twin of your store that can then be embedded on your website.

While most customers are shopping online due to safety concerns, 70% expressed missing the physical experience of walking around the store and browsing product displays. A recent survey showed that 73% of respondents would prefer to shop a 3D virtual store – but only two-thirds of them have done so. Tremendous potential awaits.

Beyond creating incredible 3D virtual tours of your store, derema Virtual Stores can improve the accessibility of your online store, create a great first impression, and simplify the shopping experience for your customers. Derema also using the same Matterport technology to create virtual trade shows, like SHOWUP.

Check out the examples of Derema Virtual Stores below


Petzolds Marine Showroom

Portland, CT

Atlantic Marine Supply

Yorktown, VA

Garden State Yacht Sales

Point Pleasant, NJ

Liberty RV

Gettysburg, PA

Miami Boat Show 2022

Dometic Outdoor Booth

Arrow Distribution RV Show 2022

Las Vegas, NV

Aaron Bronson

Dealer Specialist

Tacoma, WA

Galadriel Gaines

Dealer Specialist

Bellingham, WA

Dan Tholen

Sales Specialist

Forked River, NJ

Chris Gilbert

Sales Specialist

Huntington Beach, CA

Nick Gomez

Sales Specialist


Brad Becker

Sales Specialist

Yardley, PA

Devon Robinson

Sales Specialist

Three Rivers, MI

Jake Ritterpusch

Sales Specialist


Bo Blaylock

Dealer Specialist

Tampa, FL

Bryce Keller

Sales Specialist

Ft Lauderdale, FL

Scott Wirkler

Sales Specialist

Kennedale, TX